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    Lito Genilo of Smart Shot Studio takes picture like no other. Relaxed and unobtrusive but ever alert, Lito always manages to capture and preserve on film the best and happiest moments of each wedding. In his growing body of work, rarely do we find couples and their guests posing stiffly and with feigned or forced expressions on their faces. Instead, we mostly see normal people just having a good time, enjoying their special day naturally and quite spontaneously.

    Lito, who has won several awards here and abroad, is well-known among the circle of wedding and portrait photographers for his bold, innovative and trendsetting ways. Take his approach to creative infra-red photography. Here he uses invisible infra-red light to create dramatic, often unexpected results.


Tomorrow I am heading to Batanes for a Destination E-Session photoshoot with AMIEL and ANGELICA! I am away for the next four days. I am back in the office on Thursday 10th of November. If you need to get in contact with me while I am away, email is best, I will try my hardest to keep up with it while I am away and all phone calls will be returned when I get back to the office on the 10th of November.

A World-Class Act in Wedding Photography

Wedding Photo by Smart Shot Studio

World-class. If ever there’s a word to describe Lito Genilo and his brand of wedding photography, it’s “world-class.” And it’s not just an opinion; it’s a FACT.

Awards after awards, accolades upon accolades, Lito Genilo, owner of Smart Shot Studio, has garnered for almost every year since 1994. These are but testaments to the great artistry and passion this wedding photographer puts in every photo he takes. He treats these wedding photos with the respect and care they deserve. After all, wedding photography is his bread-and-butter. Yet, photography is more than that. Photography is his life.

Lito Genilo and His Baby
How did the well-known wedding photographer come to be? Unfortunately, not so much has been written about the man’s background prior to fame. It seems that for him, his art is the more important aspect in his life. We do know that he used to be a seminarian, a time when he was introduced to photography. His love affair with it, though, begun when he was a young boy who clicked away with a camera given him. That was 20 years ago.

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Smart Shot Studio: Feeling at Home in Foreign Ground

Destination weddings or out of town/country weddings may seem fun and exciting for most of us, especially wedding photographers. However, working on foreign soil poses a bigger challenge to them. Unfamiliarity, regulations for photo shoots, time constraints, and culture shock are among the things wedding photographers face during out of town/country photo shoots.

E-session at Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA

That is why for veteran lensman Lito Genilo, owner of Smart Shot Studio, experience and research becomes highly important and has served as his aces in shooting in other countries, particularly in the United States and Canada. The former seminarian turned photographer has done photo shoots in several states in US like New Jersey, California, New York and Hawaii. He uses his experience in former engagements as his guide on where to bring the couple for their wedding photo shoot.

But when he is asked to do a shoot in a place where he hasn’t been before, he engages in thorough research of the place – what are the famous sites and destinations, establishments present, in order to have a clear concept in his photo shoot. He also sets a positive mindset that helps him concentrate on his work. As he puts it, “Iniisip ko lang na para akong nasa Pilipinas” [I just think that I’m in the Philippines]. This allows him to be in his ‘comfort zone’ which aids him in composing better photographs.

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Lito & Mheann – Cancun, Mexico

Lito & Mheann – Los Angeles